3 09, 2018

Accessories & Details: 1909 Kitchens

Last month, we introduced timeless 1909 Kitchens. This month, we will show you the additional accessories and details that you […]

15 08, 2018

Timeless Classic design: 1909 Kitchens

1909 is a classic painted in-frame kitchen with a timeless, quintessentially British feel. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, certainly, this […]

13 10, 2017

Turn up the heat in your kitchen now summer has ended!

Stay cosy in your kitchen this winter with our tips for heating up a chilly cook space.

A kitchen should be […]

12 07, 2017

Your Vision, Our Expertise – your dream kitchen

Looking for advice on choosing a kitchen designer, planning a kitchen layout, as well as selecting kitchen appliances, floorings, worksurfaces […]

7 03, 2017

Spring Awakening!

Spring may not be in the air quite yet, but we’re choosing to see that as a good thing. Why? It gives us the opportunity to make sure our interiors are as fresh and inspiring as those sweet, sunny days when they do finally arrive!
23 02, 2017

Give your home a luxe make-over without harming the planet

In our January blog we talked about how to make your kitchen more energy efficient. Continuing with the theme, this month we are looking at ways to give the home a stylish makeover that doesn’t have to cost the earth or harm it!
5 01, 2017

Are you being energy savvy in your kitchen?

Following all that festive money-sucking fun (bah-humbug!), we are now looking at ways to tighten our belts a little, and the kitchen, with all its heating and cooling gadgets, is an excellent place to start.