Who are Geberit?

Geberit are a Swiss manufacturer of bathroom goods, specialising in cisterns and frames, also known for their market-leading, cutting edge, AquaClean shower toilets and luxury line of furniture: ‘The Geberit Collection’. Geberit are a bathroom industry market-leading global brand, known for absolute top quality and reliability. Geberit’s brand mantras, ‘Know How Installed’ and ‘Design Meets Function’ really sum up the innovative, well engineered product design of Geberit, mixed with aesthetic considerations and consideration of final use functionality always being key. They have a long tradition of quality, as they were established in 1874 in Switzerland, still the home of the group’s headquarters today. Their headquarters overseeing a staggering 30 production centres they are a European leader in the fields of sanitaryware products.

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Robust Toilet Frames for any Bathroom

Our experienced fitters love Geberit – the ultimate “fit and forget” toilet frames we use their products on almost every bathroom job as in our experience and our customers experiences these are superbly robust tough frames and cisterns that last for years and work tirelessly to support your lovely new wall hung pan on the wall. We’ve received much praise and feedback over the years from our clients who have fitted Geberit products, in the very rare event of needing any parts these are available simply and quickly though their attentive and efficient aftercare, simply come back to us for help!

Durability Creates Trust

Our experience using Geberit on all kinds of jobs, large and small means we can wholeheartedly recommend them without hesitation to all of our clients, as Geberit say durability creates trust, and they are quite right. Geberit’s mission and strategy is a winning one and has seen their innovations set standards of their field, they are the experts in their sector of the industry. The goal that drives their actions is providing excellence and they strive to strike a balance of harmony between environmental and social goas with their business growth. Their commitment to environmentally sustainable considerations can be seen through their actions, with water saving products, new energy efficient solutions in logistics and energy efficient production sites, their new site in Ruse is a green production plant with sustainable energy concepts.

Geberit for YOUR New Bathroom

Geberit products are suitable for any and every bathroom. From the toilet cistern hidden behind your beautifully newly tiled walls, to the high flow shower waste pumping out water quickly from your slim line shower tray Geberit technology will keep your new bathroom running efficiently. It isn’t just the hidden hard working parts either, The Geberit Collection offers a range of furniture, toilet and basin options. Focussed on quality, these beautifully finished pieces also have a design emphasis on storage, a huge plus point for the modern bathroom – from the hard working family bathroom to the polished en-suite set to impress guests!

A Broad Range of Perfect Products

Geberit’s acquisition of renounced ceramics manufacturer means they now have a specialist ceramics manufacturing division in their portfolio, and ‘The Geberit Collection’ does not disappoint! The range consists of various furniture collections, from the pocket friendly and smart Smyle, up to the sleek Citterio and Xeno2. Those design buffs amongst us will recognise the name Citterio as designer and architect Antonio Citterio, who has also worked with AXOR Hansgrohe and other big names in the industry and other design disciplines. The Geberit Citterio bathroom collection is characterised by beautiful Italian design tastes for timeless appeal, with geometry, and neat lines with contrasting organic basin shapes giving gently rounded form to the washbowl in contrast to the sturdy glossy units. This furniture is a delight to feature in any bathroom design. Xeno2 offers a different flavour, with designs from pure minimalism and architectural undertones, its clear geometric designs and unit wide basins offer an open honest form with well thought out components that complement each other beautifully, allowing you to create a run of units with glass worktops, offering excellent storage, this has the added benefit of tidying away all your bathroom clutter – adding to the minimal feel with maximum design effect!

High-quality Ceramics

Geberit offer a range of modern styled bathroom ceramics, these also complement their renowned cisterns and frames. For example you could pair one of their floor standing toilets such as the iCon square floor standing with an Omega concealed cistern and a lovely matching Omega flush plate. Fancy a more European minimal look? You could opt for a stylish Geberit Acanto wall hung toilet and install this with a Geberit Omega Wall Hung Cistern frame pack. The added bonus is these toilets come with the latest rim free toilet technology, meaning not only a better fuller flush but a bowl that keeps itself cleaner for linger, thanks to their being no hidden rim for dirt and germs to hide underneath. As well as being entirely more hygienic and efficient, this flushing type and bowl shape also reduces odours and looks much neater and modern.

Come and See Geberit

We are a premium bathroom showroom with up to date displays – come and look and feel the quality of Geberit for yourself today in our showroom. We mean this quite plainly, as we have a working Geberit AquaClean in our customer bathroom you can test the Geberit shower toilet for yourself! Thoroughly hygienic with different settings, the nozzle it cleans itself after each use, once you have experienced the clean fresh feeling of a shower toilet you’ll be thoroughly convinced! Come and visit our showroom today.