In our January blog we talked about how to make your kitchen more energy efficient. Continuing with the theme, this month we are looking at ways to give the home a stylish makeover that doesn’t have to cost the earth or harm it!

‘Green interiors’ are more than the choice of colour on your walls and extends beyond the trend for shabby chic, upcycled furniture. Moreover, you can decorate green and still be stylish. Not matter what your style, there are ways to get greener interiors without turning your home into a forest!
With so many ways to go green, you’ll be surprised at just how easy creating an eco interior is. Here are a few of our top tips:-

cleargreen-viride1. Going green with your furniture choices.
Reclaimed and low-energy materials are the eco-friendly buzz words when it comes to choosing your furniture. We are talking natural and renewable materials that don’t look like they’ve be found in the tip! For example this bath from Cleargreen Baths is made from 30% recycled material and will take weight up to 2.3tonnes – that’s a lot of water and bubbles!

If you want to buy new, look out for FSC-certified timber, furniture that uses recycled materials or sustainable harvested wood. Glass and metal furniture can be very striking and will have a lower chance of contacting any volatile organic compounds.

2. Fabrics and flooring
Aside from your walls, your flooring should also be considered. Opt for natural, hardwearing floors. Stone tiles, reclaimed and sustainable wood flooring and even recycled rubber tiles can offer an eco-friendly and stylish ambience.
The internet is loaded with tips on fabrics and flooring options that don’t have to cost the earth but can certainly go some way in helping to save it! We love the wood affect tiles from Villeroy & Boch that are an eco-friendly alternative to wood flooring.

3. In the kitchen.
Go for quartz! Did you know it takes about 400 wine bottles and other glass waste in the manufacture of worktops or splashbacks for an average-sized kitchen? Choosing worktops made from Quartz has a lower environmental impact than buying granite or marble and is just as stylish and durable. While you may appreciate the environmentally-friendly aspects of quartz, you may be more concerned about how it looks and performs in your home. The best thing to do is visit our showroom to get a hands-on introduction to the material and its many benefits, which include being naturally strong, making for durable countertops that are more resistant to chips, burns, or cracks.

4. Recycling waste
This is key to saving the planet, but it can be a hassle. Make it easier by creating a dedicated recycling area with a range of stylish bins for different types of kitchen waste.
Better still get an Insinkerator (*picture) – it’s our must-have kitchen appliance! A food waste disposer that doesn’t just offer practical, contemporary convenience; it provides an environmentally responsible answer to the growing problem of food waste. Fitted easily and discreetly under the sink, it can be retrofitted into most kitchen sinks – contact us for more information.

5. Paint it green
Always choose eco-friendly, water-based paints made of natural ingredients, with no solvents and little or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are hazardous to both the environment and health. Eco paints are virtually VOC free – using just a little to preserve the paint.
So whether you are thinking of remodelling the kitchen, updating your bathroom or just giving your bedroom an eco-twist, remember by choosing to make some small changes here and there can really make a difference to the environment but can also be incredibly stylish too.

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