The family bathroom has a lot to cope with, often catering for all ages, whilst also being guest-worthy.

At Ripon Interiors we come up with some great styles that can help make the perfect family friendly bathroom. Designs that create a space the children can enjoy, before transforming into a relaxing haven where you can chill out and have a little quiet time once they’re in bed.




A family bathroom, unlike an ensuite, has to house not only those toiletries you want on show, but also hide medicines, bath toys, and lotions and potions for the whole household.

The storage you choose really depends on the amount of space you have available. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of space then you’ll have more options available to you. A wider unit will give you more storage space, whilst still give you the functionality you need.

However, if you’re tight on space, combination units are great. They allow you to have the essential elements you need in your bathroom (basin and toilet) but also give you space to store away the eyesores that collect in a bathroom.

Building in plenty of shelving, providing storage space underneath or at the end of the bath, creating niches within the walls of shower enclosures etc, all help towards a sense of calm.


Think child-friendly

Opt for soft-close toilet seats and always go for a thermostatic shower to reduce the risk of scalding. Temperature regulators can also be fitted to the taps. A non-slip surface for baths and shower trays removes the risk of falls.

It’s a good idea to design a clean, plain bathroom that is perfectly workable for adults and then accessorise it so that children have easy access to whatever they need. Stools are perfect for sinks and the toilet, they come in a vast array of materials and colours.

Handy hint: A good option is to have a pull-out step for children as part of a cabinet under a sink.

Avoid a tight shower enclosure in a family bathroom, far better to have a wet room or a walk-in shower. And remember, while fixed overhead showers look great, including an additional handheld shower makes for easier hosing down of children


Think carefully, too, about the bath design, hauling young children out of certain bath types can prove a little tiresome. Finally, choose a textured floor tile or one with a non-slip coating to further help avoid any nasty accidents.


Adding colour that isn’t a rainbow or an army of rubber ducks!

Just because your bathroom needs to be child-friendly doesn’t mean it needs to be entirely child-focused. Handy hint: Keep your walls and floor to one main subtle colour and then add splashes of colour.

Picking your accessories in a bright contrasting colour is a simple way to add personality and fun to your room. Another simple, cool idea is to have individual towels, each member of your family has a different shade of colour. Not only is this great for stopping squabbles over towels but it also helps throw in another splash of colour.



Bath, Shower or both?

Again, this decision will be based on the space you have available.

Bath time is a lovely family ritual and is often seen as a relaxing way to end your day. Although it’s not an essential feature, it really does make family life a little easier. Having a separate shower is great if you have young and older children, but only works if you have space.


If you are short on space a shower bath is the perfect compromise, giving you the best of both worlds.

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