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Matki offer a fantastic range of exceptional quality shower screens, shower enclosures and shower trays. Highly design led, using expert manufacturing knowledge and the finest possible materials Matki produce their exceedingly desirable products in their UK based headquarters in Yate, Bristol. This strongly hand-built quality in Matki’s production ensures every detail is observed and tested by-hand, this authentic, human approach ensures quality that is built to last and a pleasure to use. The added bonus to these exceptional product qualities also being the knowledge that you are supporting British manufacturing in purchasing a Matki product, benefiting the economy, local communities and British workers.

Established in 1971, Matki played a major role in introducing shower enclosures to the United Kingdom, in the 1970’s consumers began to experience luxury shower enclosures in high-end hotels abroad, in Europe and America. This led to a growing demand for such products at home in the UK. At the time of course most UK consumers would have a bath in their bathroom. Matki began importing shower doors screens and enclosures from its founding partners across in the US, bringing well designed showers to the UK market. Matki’s shower tray manufacturing began shortly after in collaboration with a small boat building company in Cornwall, who designed trays specifically for these first collections in the 1970’s. As Matki grew into the 1980’s the Classica and Finesse shower enclosures with thick, 8 and 10mm safety glass were introduced, these were ground-breaking products in the UK Bathroom Industry. Matki had continued to grow during this period, and eventually bought their shower tray manufacturer, and invested heavily in a larger specially built factory which was based in Redruth. The demand for shower trays continued to grow and Matki were now able to produce on a larger scale, as they do to this day making trays specifically for their enclosures (dedicated trays).

Individual home design and a passion for interior decoration began to grow in the UK in the 1990’s, just think of Changing Rooms and other television programs in this decade! Individuality and creative design were key as people invested in their properties, they wanted something new and exciting for their bathroom and showering products had become much more democratised, opening up the market for showering products. Matki’s in house design team started designing products especially for luxury markets, introducing the hugely successful Matki Colonade and Original Radiance ranges which featured large proportions, heights and widths, coupled with sophisticated looks this elevated the British showering enclosure. Continual research and development at Matki saw them leading the way with emerging trends and designs for the decades to come.

Millennium – as Matki drove onwards, continuing to grow and develop into the 2000’s they purchased a company called Swadling in 2001, a small scale but exciting and remarkable brassware manufacturer. They were based in Hampshire, the acquisition of Swadling allowed Matki to produce complimentary brassware such as shower valves and shower fittings, heads and arms. These were combined with developments in wet room screens and new tray types to create the first Matki walk-in enclosures: Matki Walk-In. A range of stand-alone brassware was produced at this time, the Swadling Elixir collection which complimented Matkis enclosure designs.

2004 saw the launch of the EauZone collection which was originally a 10mm glass walk-in range, 10mm still being considered very thick and heavy glass in enclosures over a decade on. A demand for bespoke options increased and this range developed into the EauZone Plus – which is hugely popular today – and which is Matki’s most comprehensive luxury, frameless shower enclosure and walk in range, allowing for special measurements, cut outs and sizes and even special finishes and handle shapes. Bespoke finishes and shapes are very much the up to the minute style for today’s bathroom design, Matki can accommodate a multitude of options and requirements.

Do you have specific bespoke requirements? Get in touch with our design team who can help you create a tailored enclosure or wet room design, with a personal approach. Matki also have a bespoke team who we work with closely to develop your bespoke order, making sure every detail is just right. In addition to their bespoke team Matki also have an excellent technical team and superb spare parts support should you ever require a roller or other new parts in case of any accidents.

Quite unique to the market is Matki’s offering of bespoke shower trays, not only can they make very specific sizes, they can also add cut out sections for dwarf walls, or intercutting walls, meaning there is a Matki showering solution for any bathroom space. We can come out to your property and help measure up, once we have this information we can create a bespoke design for you, liaising directly with Matki to build your bespoke shower tray.

Our Matki displays are extensive and inspirational, we ensure we have up to the minute designs on display updating our showroom seasonally, you can always be sure we will have the latest and best Matki products on display. You can pick up a brochure in our showroom, and chat to our Sales team who will be more than happy to help. You can also view special finish samples to see the exact shades available, and of course there is nothing better than actually trying out the hefty quality of a smoothly opening Matki shower door yourself, rest assured you won’t want any other enclosure brand once you have tried the luxurious feel of a Matki door for yourself, visit us today!

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