Ahhhh Christmas…the season of goodwill to all and the time of year when our focus is also on the tenderness of the turkey!

For many, it’s one of the most important food events of the year, an epic culinary task that can see your nerves torn to shreds. It usually starts with the pressure of cooking the perfect turkey – moist and succulent inside, crisp and golden on the outside. Is your mouth watering yet?

If your Christmas Eve is plagued with nightmares of the ghost of the terrible turkey from Christmas’s past, then fear no more. Here at Ripon Interiors we have a few suggestions that will ease some of the pressure and give you the confidence to cook your Christmas bird to perfection.

It’s all about the oven

Ok, we don’t claim to be the next Jamie, Gordon or Delia so when it comes to the preparation of the turkey we will leave that to you!
However, we do know a thing or two about ovens. And in particular Siemens steam and combi ovens.

Instead of chucking the turkey in the oven and leaving it to slow cook overnight why not consider the benefits of having a steam oven fitted in your kitchen. With a steam oven you can create beautifully cooked, nutritious food that even a professional chef would be proud of.
The ovens and steamers use a combination of steam and hot air allowing you to cook gently and naturally. Think:– flavours, vitamins and minerals.

Only hot steam is used to cook the food, so vegetables stay firm and potatoes don’t get mushy. Say goodbye to soggy broccoli and bullet-like Brussels. With steam ovens vegetables warm up quickly with steam, while staying crispy and delicious.

Worried about the transfer of taste? Don’t. There is no annoying taste and odour transfer, so you can make several dishes at once in your steamer.

You can cook an endless list of delicious foods with steam and heat so you’re not just limited to turkey this Christmas.

And don’t worry about the turkey looking too pale. Combi-steam ovens cook with steam, or bake and roast with hot air, or do both which allows improved browning capabilities.

Still not convinced about switching to steam? What if we also told you cooking with steam ovens could actually save you money on your energy bills?

Research shows that the cost of cooking accounts for about 4% of the average gas and electricity bill. So changing the way you cook as well as using energy-efficient cooking appliances can reduce the amount of energy you use and cut your energy bills in the process.

Our January blog will give more insight into how you can choose the most energy efficient cooking methods. A great read for the start of a new year, especially after all the expense of Christmas!

But back to the turkey. Have you ever had a turkey cooking disaster? A ruined Christmas dinner? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Now crack open that bottle of bubbly and make a toast to the easiest Christmas lunch you’ll ever prepare!
Happy steaming and happy Christmas.